Rates and Fees



Call or come by any banking location to obtain current available rates.




Fee Schedule

Returned Item Fee :
     NSF Item
     Deposit Return Item

$30.00 per item
$5.00 per item

Overdraft Fee

$30.00 per item

Stop Payment Fee

$30.00 per item

Balance inquiry by telephone


Statement copy






Subpoena Fee

$25.00 per hour

Account activity printout

$2.00 per page

Dormant Account Fee:

An account is dormant if for one year you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account. Fees are assessed if the balance is below $100.00 (savings) or below $500.00 (checking).

$5.00 per month checking

$5.00 per quarter savings

Account Balancing Assistance

$25.00 per hour

(1 hour minimum)

Account Research-- includes copies of checks, deposits or statements

$25.00/hr - 1 hr minimum and $2.00 per page printed

Check ordering fees are set by the check printing vendor

varies with style of check ordered

Cashier’s Checks

$5.00 per check

Debit Replacement Card


Check cashing -Non customer (On-Us only)


Counter checks

$1.00 per 5 checks

Zipper bank bag

$5.00 per bag

Lock bag

$25.00 per bag

Image copy


Incoming domestic wire


Outgoing domestic


Outgoing international



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